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Music for guitar and chamber music with guitar


PDF music sheets revised and edited by Abel Nagytothy-Toth, that intends to donate his life time work to the guitar community for public performances and sound engravings.


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Albert, Heinrich (1870-1950)

Etude for guitar

Etude n.38 for guitar

Etude n.61 (Capriccio) for guitar

Fantasia-Capriccio for guitar

Romanze for violin (violoncello) and guitar

Perpetuum mobile for guitar

Carnevale di Venezia (Variations) for guitar

Romanza I for guitar

Romanza II for guitar

Mandolinata for guitar

Capriccio I for guitar

Capriccio II for guitar

Praeludium I for guitar

Spinning Wheel (Etude) for guitar

Élégie for guitar

Spring'fountain for guitar

Menuett for guitar


Berens, Fritz (1907-2010)

Trio for violin, viola, guitar


Blomgrist, D. M. (XX c.)

Melodie for flute (violin) and guitar


Borowski, Felix (1872-1956)

Adoration for viola and guitar


Bull, Robert (1964- )

Etude I for guitar


Casseus, Franz (1915-1993)

Fi' nan bois for voice and guitar


Castellón, Agustín (Sabicas) (1912-1990)

Guajira for guitar

Farruca for guitar


Cerha, Friedrich (1926- )

Sonate (1953) for viola and lute

Ricercar, Toccata, Passacaglia for flute, viola d’amore and lute


Czernuschka, Fritz (1883-1967)

3 Sonatines Cz.1 for guitar

4 Preludes Cz.2 for guitar

5 Bagatelle Cz.3 for guitar

5 Études Cz.4 for guitar

12 Pieces Cz.5 for guitar

16 Études Cz.6 for guitar

Melodie Cz.7 for guitar

Moderato Cz.8 for guitar

Rondoletto Cz.9 for guitar

2 Pieces Cz.10 for violin, viola, guitar

3 Pieces Cz.11 for flute (violin), guitar

6 Duos Cz.12 for 2 guitars

7 Duos Cz.13 for 2 guitars

6 Pieces Cz.14 for flute (violin), guitar

6 Pieces Cz.15 for flute (violin), guitar

3 Pieces Cz.16 for violin, viola, guitar

Gavotte Cz.17 for 2 mandolins, mandola, guitar

Melodie Cz.18, for violin (viola), guitar

Quartet Cz.19 for violin, viola, violoncello, guitar Streicherbegleitung von Anton Tomaschek

Romanze Cz.20 for flute (violin), guitar

Sonatine Cz.21 for violin, viola, violoncello, guitar Streicherbegleitung von Anton Tomaschek

Sonatine I Cz.22 for violin, guitar

Sonatine II Cz.23 for violin, guitar

Sonatine III Cz.24 for violin, guitar

Sonatine IV Cz.25 for violin, guitar

Sonatine V Cz.26 for violin, guitar

Sonatine VI Cz.27 for violin, guitar

Suite Cz.28 for 2 guitars

Trio I Cz.29 for 3 guitars

Trio II Cz.30 for 3 guitars

Suite I Cz.31 for violin (flute), guitar

Suite II Cz.32 for violin (flute), guitar

2 Pieces Cz.33 for violin, viola, guitar

Suite I Cz.34 for violin, viola, guitar

Suite II Cz.35 for violin, viola, guitar

Suite III Cz.36 for violin, viola, guitar

Suite IV Cz.37 for violin, viola, guitar

Wiegenlied Cz.38 for violin, viola, guitar

Sonatine Cz.39 for flute (violin), guitar

Suite (10 Kleine Stücke) Cz.40 for chromatic harmonica, guitar

Marsch Cz.41 for violin, viola, guitar

3 Pieces Cz.42 for violin, guitar

Kleine Trio Cz.43 for violin, viola, guitar

3 Pieces Cz.44 for violin, viola, guitar

Abendlieder Cz.45 for violin, viola, guitar

2 Notturni Cz.46 for violin, viola, guitar

Gondellied Cz.47 for 2 violins, guitar

4 Pieces Cz.48 for violin, viola, guitar

Menuett Cz.49 for guitar

8 Pieces Cz.50 for flute (violin), guitar

Russischer Marsch Cz.51 for 3 guitars

Tanz Cz.52 for flute (violin), guitar


Friessneg Karl (1900-1981)

Rondň op.17 for guitar


Gauthier, Marcel (1964-2013)

Rivalse for guitar

4 Etudes for 2 guitars


Guerrero, Jacinto (1895-1951)

Los Gavilanes for mandolin (violin), mandola (viola) and guitar


Hahn, Reynaldo (1874-1947)

Si mes vers avaient des ailes for voice and guitar


Hasenöhrl, Franz (1885-1970)

Serenade for violin, viola, guitar

Romanze for violoncello, guitar

Präambulum for violin, guitar

Präludium & Variations for violin, viola, guitar

Introduktion & Menuett for violin, guitar

Danza degli spiriti beati (Ch.W. Gluck-Orfeo) for 2 guitars


Henrique, Waldemar (1905-1995)

Leyenda Amazónica for guitar


Hilster, Ries de (1914)
Barré-Etude for guitar

Hlouschek, Theodore (1923-2010)

Elegie for guitar

Hueber, Kurt Anton (1928-2008)

Monteverdiana op.8 for guitar, piano


Hüttl, Walther (1891-?)

Melodie for 2 violins (viola), guitar

Nocturno for violin, viola, guitar

Serenade for violin, guitar

Valse impromptu for violin, guitar

Suite for 3 guitars


Itiberę, Brasilio (1896-1967)

Cordaő de Prata, for flute (recorder), 2 guitars


Jansen, Carl (XXc. )

Mondschein for guitar


Jemnitz, Sándor (1890-1963)

Trio Op.33 for violin, viola, guitar (copy manuscript)

Kletsch, Ludwig (1908-1961)

Etudes 1 & 2 for guitar

Rhythmische Etüde for guitar
Petite Valse for guitar
Ręverie for guitar
Serenade for guitar
Valsette for guitar


Korda, Viktor (1900-1992)

Romanze for violin, guitar


Kouklik, O. (XXc.)

Elegia for guitar


Kováts, Barna (1920-2005)

Ütik a rézdobot for guitar

Concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra (copy manuscript)


Maravilla, Luis (Luís López Tejera) (1914-2000)

Alegrias y pena de Andalusia for guitar

Brisas trianeras (Bulerias) for guitar


Monnot, Marguerite (1903-1961)

Hymne ŕ l'amour (Edith Piaf) for voice and guitar


Moreno-Torroba, Federico (1891-1982)

Aire Vasco for 2 guitars

Capricho for 2 guitars

Nińa Mersé for 2 guitars

Bolero Menorquín for 2 guitars

Mazurka de las Sombrillas (from Luisa Fernanda) for 2 mandolins, 2 mandole, guitar


Novák, Jiri Frantisek (1913-1993)

Trio Op.39 for flute, viola, guitar


Palau, Manuel (1893-1967)
Concierto Levantino, solo guitar part


Pärt, Arvo (1935)

Spiegel im Spiegel for violin (any instrument), guitar


Pujol, Emilio (1886-1980)

Canción sin palabras for guitar

Estudio VII for guitar


Rebay, Ferdinand (1880-1953)

Lyrische Suite (1935) for violin, viola, guitar

Trio in d-moll for violin,viola, guitar

Wiener Walzer-Reigen for violin, viola, guitar

Rodrigo, Joaquin (1902-1999)

Estudiantina (Pasacalle, Coplilla) for 2 mandolins, 2 mandole, guitar

Salmhofer, Franz (1900-1975) (Director of the Vienna State and Volks Opera)

Tanz-Suite for violin, viola, guitar

Santórsola Guido (1904-1994)

Microcosmos - Sonoro (6 Bagatelas) for oboe, guitar


Savio, Isaias (1900-1977)

Pensamientos Op.3 (1924) for guitar

Variaciones sobre un tema infantil Op.20 for guitar


Schadler, Friedrich (1910-)

Sérénade espagnole for violin, guitar

Sérénade espagnole for viola, guitar


Schlensog, Max (1897-1982)

Adagio for violin, guitar


Sibelius, Jean (1865-1957)

Svarta Rosor Op.36/1 for voice and guitar


Siegl, Erwin (1897- )

Trio in one movement Op.17/2 for violin, viola, guitar


Simard, Stéphane (1966- )

Anecdotes mondaines for guitar


Sprongl, Norbert (1892-1983)

Variations on a Hungarian Folksong Op.25 for violin, viola, guitar


Strauss, Richard (1864-1949)

Nacht Op.10/3 for voice and guitar

Wiegenlied Op.41a/1 for voice and guitar


Tomas, Juan Maria (1896-1965)

Canciones Mallorquinas for voice and guitar


Tomaschek, Anton (1882-1946)

Suite for violin, viola, guitar


Urban, Stepan (1913-1974)

Rhapsodie for guitar

Romance for guitar


Velázquez, Consuelo (1916-2005)

Bésame mucho for voice and guitar


Valls i Gorina, Manuel (1920-1984)

Canciones Sefarditas for voice, flute and guitar


Wagner-Régeny, Rudolf (1903-1969)

Trio for 2 guitars and double bass


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